Jackery Explorer 240 Review

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Jackery 240 Review

If you are an avid camper or someone who loves to explore new places in his RV, then one thing you miss is portable power! Charging phones, laptops, and other gadgets become a task as you don’t have multiple outlets available. And that’s where Jackery Explorer 240 portable power station comes in!

Explorer 240 is a portable power station that offers uninterrupted availability of power with its powerful battery! But do you really need this power station?

Check this Jackery 240 review to find out if Explorer 240 is the right power station for you. We have covered every feature you should know, along with some best alternatives in case you don’t find Jackery 240 a worthy choice.

Jackery 240 Review

Jackery Explorer 240 is a highly portable power station packed with tons of useful features. From powering up a CPAP machine to charging your gadgets, this smart device can do multiple things, and that’s why people love to have it.

Features of Jackery Explorer 240 Portable Power Station

1. Pure Sine Wave Inverter Technology

Pure sine wave technology is also termed as clean power, and you can use it for powering sensitive electronics such as CPAP machines. With this Jackery portable power station Explorer 240, you don’t have to worry about your gadgets getting damaged while charging.

The power station offers uninterrupted power so you can use it with any device, including refrigerators, and much more.

2. Bright Digital Display

Jackery Explorer 240 Portable Power Station

The bright digital display tells you about the condition of the battery so you can find out whether it is fully charged or not. Furthermore, the display shows input/output watts, and it’ll be easy for you to find out how quickly the battery will drain if you keep it connected with multiple devices by checking the readings.

3. Multiple Ports

Explorer 240 is famous for its multiple ports, including two USB Type-A, one DC car port, and one AC outlet. You can connect multiple devices at once, and it’ll save you a lot of time. All the ports come with respective power buttons, and you can turn on/off the power supply anytime by pressing the buttons.

4. Car Charger Ready

Jackery provides a car charger with the portable power station so that you can connect it with your vehicle on the go. It gives you the freedom to charge the station anytime and anywhere, and you don’t have to rely on the sunlight only while camping with your RV.

5. Powerful Battery

Jackery has used a 240Wh battery with this power station. The battery can easily power gadgets up to 200 Watts so you can connect phones, laptops, LED flashlights, mini cooler, TV, and much more. The handy power generator is an excellent choice if you have gadgets under 200 watts.

6. Compatible with Solar Panels

Jackery Explorer 240 Portable Power Station

Another reason to love Explorer 240 is that it is compatible with solar panels. When you don’t have any resources to charge the power station, you can use sunlight to refill the battery. There are multiple solar panels available that are compatible with Explorer 240, so you won’t have a tough time finding a durable solar panel system.

Checkout the below Solar Panels on Amazon that are compatible with Jackery Explorer 240:

Jackery SolarSaga 60W Solar Panel

Jackery SolarSaga 100W Solar Panel

7. Ultra-Safe

The battery management system used by Jackery ensures ultimate safety while you are on the move with this power station. The battery won’t get overcharged, and it will not heat up, so it’s safe to use. Additionally, the manufacturer ensures protection against short-circuit, and over-voltage, enhancing the lifespan of the battery and the power station.

8. Lightweight and Handy

The power station’s overall weight is 6.6 pounds only, so you can even carry it while backpacking or climbing to have access to the power 24*7. The generator fits anywhere due to its compact and ignorable size, and you don’t have to purchase a bigger device just for the sake of power.

9. Recharges Quickly

When other power stations take a lot of time to get recharged, Jackery Explorer 240 needs only 6 hours when you connect it with the wall outlet. When using a solar panel, the charging time surges up to 10 hours, and that’s obvious because solar panels aren’t that efficient.

10. Long-lasting Battery

The life cycles of the battery are ≥500 cycles to 80%, so it’ll last longer without any replacement. The lithium-ion battery used by Jackery has cutting-edge technology, and the BMS protection system enhances the battery’s life.

When talking about the shelf-life, then Jackery Explorer 240 will leave you surprised. The shelf-life of the battery is around 3-6 months, so you don’t have to recharge it regularly because the battery won’t drain when you are not using the power station.

Jackery Explorer 240 Portable Power Station: Pros and Cons

  • Lightweight and handy.
  • Comes with battery-protection system.
  • Compatible with solar panels.
  • Car charger included in the box.
  • Display with a backlit that’s visible during the night.
  • Easy to use and setup.
  • You have to purchase the solar panels separately.
  • Not suitable for powering devices more than 200 watts.
Jackery Explorer 240 Portable Power Station
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Jackery Explorer 240 Portable Power Station
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  • EASY TO CARRY: This entry-level portable power station is equipped with a 240Wh lithium-ion battery...

What Jackery Explorer 240 Powers?

You can use Jackery Explorer 240 to power the following devices. Make sure that none of the connected devices requires more than 200 Watts as it can draw the complete power from the station.

Below is a rough estimation you can check to find out what devices are compatible with Explorer 240 and how many times you can charge them.

Device NameNumber of Charges/Hours
Smartphones17+ times
Laptops4+ times
Cameras30+ times
Drones4+ times
Tablets14+ times
USB Fan (small)40+ hours
Mini Fridge3-4 hours
Camping Light (10W LED)20+ hours
Mini Projector5 hours
Air Pump6 hours

Jackery Explorer 240 Alternatives

Still not convinced about buying Jackery Explorer 240? Have a look at these best alternative portable power stations you can get if Jackery 240 specs haven’t impressed you at all.

1. BUTURE 266Wh Solar Outdoor Generator

BUTURE 266Wh Solar Outdoor Generator

BUTURE 266Wh is an excellent alternative to Jackery Explorer 240. This power station has a better battery capacity and is available at a cheaper price than Explorer.

The portable power station comes with multiple ports, including two AC output, four USB ports like USB Type-A, and Type-C (PD). You can connect all of your devices at once since this powerful generator can power them up simultaneously.

The generator has pure sine wave inverter technology that’s ideal to power sensitive electronics. You can connect solar panels with the generator to replenish the battery. Get a compatible solar panel and connect it with the device to recharge it.

2. BALDR Portable Power Station

BALDR Portable Power Station 330W

If you are a blogger that travels with his shooting gear, then you need a portable power station like BALDR 330, as it has got multiple ports. Also, the battery capacity is excellent, so that you can recharge the devices multiple times.

The list of connectivity ports includes multiple USB ports, AC ports, and DC ports. You can also charge your phone or tablet wirelessly as this power station has a wireless charging pad.

The smart battery management system used by BALDR enhances battery efficiency while protecting it from multiple issues like overcharging, over-voltage, and quick draining.

3. ROCKPALS 300W Portable Power Station

ROCKPALS 300W Portable Power Station

ROCKPALS 300W comes with a 280 WhA battery that offers an excellent backup you need to power your devices. This portable power station has a bug display that shows multiple types of information to help you understand the battery state and charging conditions.

The power station has multiple ports with buttons. You can turn off the ports using these buttons, so it’d be more convenient to safeguard your gadgets from overcharging.

You will find two flashlights available on both sides of the power station. There are dedicated buttons for both lights so that you can power up one or two based on your requirements. ROCKPALS 300W uses pure sine wave inverter technology that’s suitable for sensitive electronics. You can even use it to run CPAP machines and a freezer.


Q1: How Long does Jackery Explorer 240 last after a Complete Charge?

It depends on how many devices you have connected with it. More devices will draw more power so that the power station will last a few hours only. Similarly, if you have connected a heavy device that requires more power, then it’ll also impact the battery’s runtime.

Q2: Can I take Explorer 240 on a Plane?

Unfortunately, you cannot take Explorer 240 on a plane! In fact, any power station with more than 100Wh capacity is not suitable for carrying on a flight as per FAA regulations.

Q3: How do I know if my Portable Power Station is Fully Charged?

Jackery Explorer 240 Portable Power Station

Jackery Explorer 240 comes with a display that tells you when the device is charged fully. The battery is displayed in percentage, so turn off the charging when you see it at 100%.

Q4: What Battery Type does Jackery Explorer 240 Use?

Explorer 240 comes with a lithium-ion battery sourced from the best brands like LG. In fact, all portable power stations manufactured by Jackery have lithium-ion batteries.

Q5: How can I Charge the Power Station Quickly?

To charge Explorer 240, quickly connect it with a wall outlet or car charger. Make sure to use original cables only if you want to charge them quickly and safely. Charging this best portable solar generator with solar panels can take more time, depending on the sunlight and panel’s input rating.

Final Thoughts

If you need a portable power station that’s easy to use and charges with your car battery and the solar panels, then Jackery Explorer 240 portable power station is a perfect choice. The station is highly durable, and it comes with a handle so carrying it will be even more comfortable.

Furthermore, the battery performs excellent, and the BMS system ensures added protection against any battery issues. Lastly, this power station has pure sine wave inverter technology, so there will be no fluctuations at all, and you can connect sensitive electronics without worrying about any damages.

You can even go for the alternatives listed in this Jackery 240 review if you need a power station with more connectivity ports and battery capacity.


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